IoT Food Safety and Cold Chain Kit

 How to automate temperature monitoring to meet compliance and prevent loss of perishable goods along the supply chain?

This Food Safety and Cold Chain Management Evaluation Kit is a turnkey solution that provides hotels, restaurants and foodservice providers with the required hardware and software to automate temperature readings at all stages of the cold chain.

Temperature is continuously monitored and recorded to help you control transport & storage conditions of your perishable goods, ensuring food safety and regulatory compliance. Real-time alerting allows you to act on the abnormal situation and avoid waste.  

IoT Food Safety and Cold Chain Kit
Model ID: KFKITLAI1000
Price: $ 3,200.00



Product Accessories

 3 x months subscription to ThingPark Enterprise SaaS service - up to 1 Gateway & 10 devices.

3 x months subscription to myDevices Business Application - for 2 devices.
1 x Ufispace Enterprise ThingPark-ready Indoor Gateway.
1 x Laird Connectivity Integrated Temperature and Humidity Sensor
1 x Laird Connectivity External Temperature Probe Sensor (including the probe).
3 hours of technical assistance during the trial period

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