IoT Soil Moisture Kit

 Soil moisture and its availability to support plant growth is a primary factor in farm productivity. Too little moisture can result in yield loss and plant death. On the other hand, too much causes root disease and water waste.

Precise control over the root zone environment leads to healthier crops and bigger yields. The soil information can help you gain control over the root zone environment by taking measurements, observing trends over time, and using this information to make irrigation decisions. If applied correctly, this can significantly increase productivity and reduce cost.

IoT Soil Moisture Kit
Price: $ 2,720.00



Product Accessories

1 x Soil Moisture Meter Teros 10

1 x 3.6V AA Lithium battery

1 x ELT-2 Antenna 

1 x Ufispace community Indoor Gateway 

3 x Months subscription to WMW Soil Moisture Monitoring

3 x Months Access to ThingPark Community connectivity - up to 1 Gateway & 10 devices

1 Hr of technical assistance during the trial period


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